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Guild Wars 2 - Daydreamer's Finery :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 16 2 Guild Wars 2 LOVE :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 17 3 Alice Madness Returns - Stay on the Path :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 28 1 Caithe - Seeds of Truth :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 129 16 Kirin - The hunt :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 67 6 Guild Wars 2 - You'll be mine :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 64 1 Kirin - The monster's lair :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 42 4 Caithe - Remembrance :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 63 18 Kirin - On the lookout :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 17 6 Monster Hunter - United :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 387 35 Kirin - Battle stance :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 21 15 Manga Mirror :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 3 0 Alice Madness Returns - The Queen's Maze :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 106 27 Guild Wars 2 - Only whispered promises :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 62 3 Alice Madness Returns - Mad doll :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 56 13 Pit - Heroic :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 40 10


Guild Wars 2 - Daydreamer's Finery
Another Guild Wars 2 photo. :heart: Making this armor set was a big challenge but I'm glad I tackled it! :D
Photographer: Jeroen Weimar
Guild Wars 2 LOVE
I’m incredibly happy I can share so many awesome things with my girlfriend Sophie ( xPandorae ). Playing videogames, crafting outfits, performing on stages all over the world, and so many other random unrelated things haha!  ♥ It’s good to appreciate what you have! Even the little things matter~ ♥  Thank you honey for everything! xxx Liza ♥ Photo by Jeroen Weimar

Guild Wars 2 armors: Daydreamer's Finery (left) and Stag Armor Norn cultural Tier 3 (right)

Oh, I should update my journal

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 22, 2013, 2:51 AM
Basically what the title says. I really need to keep my deviantArt up to date as well because I still need this website. I think I'm not the only one with this problem.
Thing is, most people have moved on to other websites it seems. Mostly Facebook. But still use deviantArt as well, like me.

For me it's because of this 'holy trinity' that has occurred with the websites I use for cosplay:
• Tumblr for the progress pictures (and all the randomness that might come by as well)
• Youtube for the videos of our performances, con videos etc.
• And deviantArt to post the hq pictures of our cosplays.

And where does Facebook fit in to this picture? It appears to be the most used medium now, also by me. This is probably why every other site feels so dead lately. >':

Well, Facebook is good for all of these things combined. BUT not exactly the way I want them to be.
• Facebook is good for progress pictures but Tumblr is better because of the quality and the way you can actually make them a set. So they aren't randomized as much through your website.
• Facebook allows you to upload videos. But often people haven't updated Facebook or something else happens, so it's better to host the video on Youtube most of the time. >___<  
• Facebook is also great to show the final product of your costume. People can just simply click one button to show they appreciate it without any other obligations or this showing up in some kind of list on their own profile. But the upload quality for images on Facebook is dreadful! So deviantArt is better since you can actually show the photo in hq.

So basically I'm stuck between all of these platforms, having to give them equally as much attention since they are all needed. And I'm pretty sure that, cosplayer or not, more people are having this problem. xD

Now on to the actual updates:
xPandorae and I are now officially living together. We got an apartment. :D
• I'm busy with my internship at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam doing research about Digital Innovation.
xPandorae won first place in the Cosplay Fashion Show with her Alice cosplay at Nishicon last weekend. :heart: You can see her cosplay here: Alice Madness Returns - Welcome to Wonderland by xPandorae Alice Madness Returns - The Queen's Maze by xPandorae
• My premium membership is almost over, so I figured I better make a journal now that I still can. D: With all the extra options. :heart: I mostly use the membership for little thumbnails to put in my description to link to xPandorae's work. :love: Just like I also did above this point. :D So I'll miss that.

Uhm... I suppose other than that uh.. me and Sophie are going to Animecon 2014 for sure. We got our tickets and hotel booked and we have new cosplay plans. :D Once we've actually started on them we'll probably let you all know which characters we'll be making. My bet is that we'll probably first show them on our Facebook here:

But we'll see how I'll use 'The Trinity' + Facebook of websites. 8D xD


• Our Youtube channel: (For conventions videos, our cosplay performances etc.)
• Our Tumblr blog: (Here we post our cosplay progress and some random things. ♥)
• Our Facebook page: (A bit of everything. xD)


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